Publications in 2017

  1.  Singh, Prabhishek, and Raj Shree. "A New Computationally Improved Homomorphic Despeckling Technique of SAR Images." International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science 8, no. 3 (2017).
  2. Singh, Prabhishek, and Raj Shree. "Quantitative dual nature analysis of mean square error in SAR image despeckling." International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering (IJCSE) 9, no. 11 (2017): 619-622.
  3. Singh, Prabhishek, and Raj Shree. "Statistical quality analysis of wavelet based sar images in despeckling process." Asian Journal of Electrical Sciences (AJES) 6, no. 2 (2017): 1-18.

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