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Dear Dr. Prabhishek Singh,


I am delighted to inform you that the review of your Research Article 8716132 titled Energy Efficiency Strategy for Big Data in Cloud Environment using Deep Reinforcement Learning has been completed and your article has been accepted for publication in Mobile Information Systems.

Please visit the manuscript details page to review the editorial notes and any comments from external reviewers. If you have deposited your manuscript on a preprint server, now would be a good time to update it with the accepted version. If you have not deposited your manuscript on a preprint server, you are free to do so.

We will now check that all of your files are complete before passing them over to our production team for processing. We will let you know soon should we require any further information.

As an open access journal, publication of articles in Mobile Information Systems are associated with Article Processing Charges. If applicable, you will receive a separate communication from our Editorial office in relation to this shortly. In regards to payments, we will:

  • Only ever contact you from email addresses. If you receive communications that claim to be from us, or one of our journals, but do not come from an email address, please contact us directly at
  • Only ever request payment through our own invoicing system.Any email requesting payment will always be from an email address and will always direct you to our invoicing system with a link beginning

If you receive payment requests or information in ways other than this, or have any questions about Article Processing Charges, please contact us at

Finally, we have partnered with leading author service providers to offer our authors discounts on a wide range of post-publication services (including videos, posters and more) to help you enhance the visibility and impact of your academic paper. Please visit our author services page to learn more.

Thank you for choosing to publish with Mobile Information Systems.

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