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International Journal of Electronic BusinessVol. 17, No. 3

Modified handshake protocol-based secure authentication using blockchain technology in WLAN

Manoj Diwakar, Prabhishek Singh and Achyut Shankar

Published Online:June 21, 2022pp 305-317


In recent years, the development of the wireless local area network (WLAN) seems to have interesting facts about the security as this technology holds high speed, wide coverage, and high capacity. Several applications are using blockchain technology as a key framework to enhance the security features for the improvement of preventing various attacks when integrating with existing authentication protocols. This paper presents a brief description of the wireless networks, their advantages over wired networks and security issues requiring immediate attention. It is then followed with blockchain feature integrated with 802.11 architecture and various services offered by it as the motivation for conducting the research. Thereafter, a problem statement outlining the inherent flaws in the present IEEE 802.11i standard is presented. Hence a method is proposed to overcome the denial of service using modified three-way handshaking approach. Finally, results are discussed and concluded.

Keywords: handshake protocol, network security, denial of service


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