Scopus Indexed Conference Papers Published - Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Machine Learning, Advances in Computing, Renewable Energy and Communication


Comparative Analysis of Face Mask Detection Models

    Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE,volume 915)


    With an ongoing episode of Covid, the world health security and precaution need reformation and a new approach to be dealt with. The health concerns of the individual is a topic of utmost importance for every nation fighting the pandemic. With limited healthcare staff and the large public to look after, the assistance of Computer vision and AI is needed. Social distancing is a very effective way of containing the spread of a pandemic. Social distancing becomes difficult when dealing with a number of subjects like at gateways of offices, Airports, and many other sectors that have significant footfall in a day. In this paper we have tried to compare the different models for the recognition of mask on the face, for doing so we have used Real world masked face dataset (RMFD) (Iqbal et al, Renewable power for sustainable growth, Springer Nature, Berlin, LNEE, 2020) and Kaggle (Tomar et al, Machine learning, advances in computing, renewable energy and communication, vol 768. Springer Nature, Berlin, LNEE, 2020) dataset. At first we gather the images where face have actual mask on it and also augmented the image with editing the image of unmasked face with mask so that model can learn very details of the image and result will come more accurate and clean.


    • Face masks
    • MobileNetV2
    • OpenCV
    • CNN
    • Facial recognition

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